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j.j. abrams into darkness 09

Gamecast 27/05/14 – Off Topic Star Trek Movie Special 2

The Horrifying Taste of a New Generation

Citizengame - ghostbusters

Gamecast 12/03/2014 – Off Topic Ghostbusters Special

30 years ago this June a small film about 3 friends going into business together was released.


Gamecast – 20/01/2014 – Just the Tip edition

A new year means the return of the Citizen Gamecast.


Gamecast 14/10/2013 – Sickcast

Call Dr. Mario this Citizen Gamecast is sick!


Gamecast 29/09/13 – Eurogamer Expo 2013 special

We record 'As Live' from a hotel near Earl's Court exhibition centre once more as we share our Eurogamer Expo 2013 experiences.


Gamecast 24/09/2013 – Phoenix from the flames

Steam OS speculation, Grand Theft Auto V online rumours, and Ric Flair shenanigans. It is good to be back.

Citizen Game - Khan

Gamecast 20/05/2032 – Off topic Star Trek Movie special

Nick, James and Richard have done another Star Trek podcast, this time about the Original Series and Next Generation movies.

Citizengame - Far Cry 3 flame

Gamecast 02/02/2013 – Sync or Swim

We weather the storms of the usual technical issues and syncing problems to discuss the reactions to the recent Nintendo Direct broadcast

Citizen Game - Microsoft Illumiroom

Gamecast 19/01/2013 – Snowpocalypse

It's typical, isn't it? You survive one fictional Mayan apocalypse only to be buried in a legitimate 'snowpocalypse'.

santa floater

Xmascast 24/12/2012 – Playing with Santa’s Wii U

Season's greetings and glad tidings to men and supermen everywhere.


Gamecast 10/12/2012 – Off topic Star Trek special

What started as a drunken pub conversation has evolved into a full podcast. I Was Gene Roddenberry's Star Love Child


Gamecast 25/10/2012 – Back Alley Rhino Assault

Communism, The North Korean uprising and, something about a 'Back alley rhino assault'. Trust me you don't want to skip this weeks Gamecast.


Gamecast 15/10/2012

Mark and Joe go sports heavy. Fifa 13? Sure, we got that. Formula 1 2012? Yes, that as well.


Gamecast – Expo Special – 01/10/12

For the first time, in a long time, the Citizen Gamescast is recorded 'As Live'.


Gamecast 24/09/2012

How good is Borderlands 2? It is perfectly average, and we're going to talk about it