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Gamecast 15/10/2012

Posted October 14, 2012 by Mark Craven in Podcast

On the mic – Joseph Barron and Mark Craven.

Runtime – 01:31:55

Episode Number – 121

Content – Mark and Joe go sports heavy. Fifa 13? Sure, we got that. Formula 1 2012? Yes, that as well. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013? A bit of that. Also Mark divulges his extensive list of un-played games.  In other words, it’s our finest podcast yet. It also involves discussion about Gran Turismo 5 and its menu design. Sorry!

What Games – Fifa 13, WRC 3, Formula 1 2012, Gran Turismo 5, FTL, DayZ, Sim Golf, Alpha Protocol, Condemned, Viva Pinata, prison architect, Hell Yeah

Lionel Messi. A poor man’s Lee Trundle!

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Mark Craven
Mark Craven

Senior editor at Full time Jaffa Cake Dunker.

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  1. James Day
    James Day

    I enjoyed your FIFA talk chaps. And no, Pro Evo was not a freebie from work, I bought it day one as I was having a lot of fun with the demo(s). I only get 1st party games free :p

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