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Who is Citizen Game?

Citizen Game is an independently run video game community founded in 2008. We operate outside of the scope of most professional game sites by focusing on games post-release and the day to day aspects of playing them. Join Citizen Game today and become part of the UK’s fastest growing gaming community.

So, What kind of stuff can I read about on Citizen Game?



What’s the Deal With Your Rating System?

Citizen Game reviews games on a five star scale, with zero stars being the lowest available score and five stars being the highest.

Five star ratings are pretty easy to recognize in terms of tiering, and we’re not big into trying to separate out games into endless categories of quality.

In short, games that range between three and five stars are games you should take notice of because they might be something you’ll like; Games that score between zero and two stars, not so much. If that’s not enough, here are some simple illustrations we think you’ll find helpful:-
    Superb. A must-have game.

    Highly recommended.

     – Average. Worth a go.

     – Barely worth renting.

     – Impressively awful.

     – Lowest-of-the-low, has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Avoid at all cost.

How Come You Don’t Review Every Single Game That Comes Out? And Why Are Your Reviews “Late?”

Unlike the major game websites, we don’t get press pre-release copies of games. That said, we want to make it a point to play as many games as is humanly possible, even when that means going and paying for games like everyone else. We’ll try to cover the big games we know you care about, and we’ll also try to cover as much of the smaller stuff as we can. Specifically though, we’ll go out of our way to highlight stuff we’re excited about and want you, the viewer, to know about.


If you’re passionate about gaming and would like to join the Citizen Game team, please get in touch.
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