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Gamecast 19/01/2013 – Snowpocalypse

Posted January 19, 2013 by Mark Craven in Podcast
Citizen Game - Microsoft Illumiroom

On the mic – Nick Lynch, Joseph Barron and James Day.

Runtime – 00:51:09

Episode Number – 126

Content – It’s typical, isn’t it? You survive one fictional Mayan apocalypse only to be buried in a legitimate ‘snowpocalypse’. Have no fear though, we’ve got your audio entertainment needs covered in these snowbound times with the first episode of the Gamecast for 2013.

The Games – Sleeping Dogs, Microsoft Illumiroom and Kinect, flight and racing sims, Mass Effect 3, Tokyo Jungle, Steam sales, plus more of our most anticipated titles of 2013.

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Citizen Game - Snowpocalypse


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