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Ship or shoe?

Rise of the Robots: An interview with Simon Roth creator of Maia

Join us as we talk about Maia, the trials of an indie coder and just what players can expect to find out there in space.


Interview: Carmageddon

We caught up with COO of Stainless Games Matt Edmunds at the recent Eurogamer Expo to talk kickstarter campaigns, free to play and hitting school children with pool cues.

New Star Soccer

New Star Soccer supremo Simon Read speaks

New Star Games developer talks mobile gaming, dealing with playing with the big boys and future plans.


Jonas Kyratzes on capitalism, indie games and the Lands of Dream

Indie developer and creator of The Sea Will Claim Everything explains why he's glad to be an indie developer, even if the world needs to change.

I done a fire, sorry

Guild Wars 2 Interview

ArenaNet designers give the lowdown on what players can expect from upcoming MMO Guild Wars 2


Weekend Reading 22/10/10

Chromeo and Halo fiction are just some of the subjects in this edition of Weekend Reading. Oh, and PC is best.


Q&A Time!

Better late than never & more drunk than ever. Against our better judgement, we answer your questions.....hammered.


Interview: Mike Fass – Street Fighter Reunion

Last week our very own Dale Cantwell got in touch with Mike Fass from 'Street Fighter: The Later Years' for a quick Q&A session.