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Citizen Game - The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - 5

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

You are Paul Prospero, supernatural detective, and you’re looking for the vanished Ethan Carter. And that is about all anyone will really be prepared to tell you.
hyrule warriors 2

Hyrule Warriors

Though Its initial announcement baffled and irked many gamers, how did this Koei Tecmo/Nintendo collaboration turn out?
The Sims 4 EA PC

The Sims 4

SimCity, Dungeon Keeper, Battlefield and now The Sims... EA is certainly on a roll.
thrustmaster  thumb

Thrustmaster T300 RS Wheel & Accessories

Joe Barron delivers the in-depth verdict on the latest driving offerings from Thrustmaster.

IHF Handball Challenge 14 – Review

Neither fans of Handball nor video games will derive any pleasure from this uninspiring and sluggish simulation of one of the worlds most exciting and athletically explosive sports.
GRID Autosport Citizen Game 1

GRID Autosport

Autosport kicks GRID 2 to the kerb, but never quite runs off into the sunset.