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Staff Blogs

So What’s Coming Out for the Wii U? 2014 Edition

After an improved second half to 2013, how's the line-up of games for Nintendo's under-performing console looking for the year ahead?

cg ashes analysis

Citizen Game Ashes Analysis

Ashes to Ashes - Australia hitting an all-time low


Forget the year of Luigi. 2014 is here to save us

Forget 2013 and the year of Luigi. 2014 is here The International Year of Family Farming and Crystallography!

Citizen Game Kitten in Tree

2013 Christmas Schedule

A quick round-up on what'll be up for CG over the next week or so.

thumb PS4 Playstation 4 hardware

PlayStation 4: My First Two Weeks

Joe Barron chronicles his experiences with Sony's latest machine thus far.

How Videogames Changed the World

How Videogames Changed the World – TV Spot Mini Review

It’s not often that video games gets a prime time slot on national TV, so we thought we'd take the time to enlighten those who missed it.


Unlimited Inventory – M.U.D. Tv

Mad, Ugly, Dirty Television - Turn On, Tune In, Tune out, Turn off.

Citizen Game steam backlog

Unlimited Inventory

Thrusting gaming back into the forefront

michu Citizengame Fantasy Football

Citizen Game Fantasy Football League 2013/14

Have you got what it takes to win our FREE fantasy football game based on the 2013/2014 Premier League?

Rezzed.jpg large

Rezzed Roundup

Last week, Rezzed happened. I was there. Here are some games that you might find interesting.


So What Exactly is Coming Out for the Wii U?

Are Nintendo picking up the pace after a sluggish launch?

hotline miami - Citizen Game

Some Massively Late Thoughts on Hotline Miami

Yeah, I’m talking about Hotline Miami months too late.


The Fire Emblem Retrospective Continues

The Day brothers continue to ramble their way through Nintendo's strategy RPG saga.

Citizen Game Christmas Tree WiiU

2012 Christmas Schedule

Here's a quick round-up on what'll be up for CG over the next week or so.


Falling out of love with open-worlds

Open-world games can be good, but I’m tired of every other game trying to be one.