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Gamecast 11/09/2012

Posted September 11, 2012 by Mark Craven in Podcast

On the mic -  Nick Lynch, Richard Plant and Mark Craven

Runtime - 01:09:15

Content -  We’re not going to lie to you all: This might be the best podcast we’ve ever done.  It’s not just because the enigmatic Nick Lynch makes his podcast return.  It’s not because Mark struggles to eloquently portray what precisely he enjoys about Sleeping Dogs.  Nor is it due to Richard discovering the hidden depth of spec ops the line.  It’s all of these things, and then some.

What games - Mass Effect 3, Sleeping Dogs, Bastion, Time Crisis, Bubble Bobble, Half Life, Borderlands 2, F1 2013, Fifa 13, Fable.

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Mark Craven
Mark Craven

Senior editor at Full time Jaffa Cake Dunker.



    Lots of games I want to play under disscussion here. Spec Ops for one, and Sleeping Dogs. From what I played of the Sleeping Dogs demo though I have to agree with Mark, comparing the combat with the Batman games is generous to the say the least.

  2. Mark Craven
    Mark Craven

    Utter chaos.

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