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Thrustmaster T300 RS Wheel & Accessories

Posted August 18, 2014 by in PC



5/ 5


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Release Date: 15 August 2014

Joe Barron delivers the in-depth verdict on the latest driving offerings from Thrustmaster.

by Joseph Barron
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The T300 RS is the first force feedback wheel for the PlayStation 4. However, the first PS4 software to support it will not be released until October 2014. Therefore, this review is of the T300 RS’ PlayStation 3 and PC functionality. Citizen Game will publish a second article in October to review the product’s performance on PS4.

In the world of sim-racing, Thrustmaster has been steadily climbing up the order of leading hardware manufacturers. Until recently, the high-end racing wheel market has been dominated by Logitech and Fanatec, but the new T300 RS might just be the best wheel yet. This £369.99 peripheral is pricey, but you definitely get what you pay for.

The T300 RS is an official PlayStation product, as well as supporting the PC, so the wheel has an attractive design sporting the familiar PS logo and symbol buttons. Most interestingly, the PS4 Share and Options buttons appear on the face of the rim, allowing you to navigate all of the PS4 menus when the first games for that platform supported by this wheel are released in October.

The wheel also features rim-mounted paddle-shifters, a welcome change from the static ones on the last Thrustmaster PlayStation wheel, the T500RS, which didn’t turn with the wheel and often required you to take a hand off to change gear. The shape of the T300 rim is fantastic too. It fits perfectly in your hands and is more than comfortable enough for long driving sessions. The only disappointment with the rim is the rubber around the edge, which feels slightly toy-like if you’ve previously been used to Fanatec products and their lush alcantara finish.

However, the real star of the show is the T300 RS’ force feedback. This is by far the smoothest and most quiet wheel that I have ever used. The wheel uses a brushless motor and a dual-belt delivery system to generate steering forces and vibrations from the road, rumble strips and so on. The result is astonishing. Even in the summer heat in my suntrap of an apartment, the fans hardly ever come on. Compared to the constant whirring of the fans on Fanatec and Logitech wheels, the silence of the T300 RS is remarkable.

The feedback itself is the best I have ever experienced outside of industrial motorsport simulators. Most sim-racing wheels for the home never quite feel real. This is because you can feel the mechanisms inside the wheel through your hands as the forces kick in. This is commonly described as a ‘notching’ sensation and is mostly associated with gear-driven systems, but most belt-driven wheels aren’t super smooth either. This is where the T300 RS leads miles ahead of the chasing pack. Forces are delivered so quickly and so smoothly, that you feel constantly immersed and connected to the road. You are never thinking about the wheel mechanism, because you can never feel it. This is the best force feedback currently on the market.

Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On

Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On

Thrustmaster also sells optional wheel rims for players with more specific sim-racing interests, both licensed by Ferrari. The Ferrari F1 wheel currently sells for around £100 on Amazon, with the 458 Challenge wheel selling for around £70. You can also purchase a version of the T300RS which comes with the 458 Challenge wheel instead of the PlayStation branded one.

You can swap between rims easily using the Quick Release system, although this isn’t the same race-car accurate mechanism you get on Fanatec’s ClubSport products. Instead, you must unscrew the wheel from the base using Thrustmaster’s threaded centre column. This makes it a 5 minute job to change rims, rather than the 5 second job it is to swap rims with Fanatec’s ClubSport line, but this is a very minor issue.

The bigger issue is the T300 RS’ mounting options. In addition to a standard table clamp, you can also hardmount this wheel to a wheelstand or racing seat using screws. In theory, the mounting holes on the T300 RS are in the same position as the ones on Thrustmaster’s previous wheel, the T500 RS. My Fanatec CSL Seat has mounting positions that support that previous wheel, so it should have been easy to attach the new T300 RS. However, the shape of the base unit has changed from the T500 to the T300, so while the mounting points are in roughly the same place, the dimensions of the base mean that it is now impossible to mount it directly to my seat. Therefore I used a combination of the CSL Seat and an old WheelStandPro in order to play with the T300 RS. If you own a seat that is supposed to be ready for Thrustmaster wheels, just be aware that the T300 RS’ new base design might make it more difficult to mount than you expect.

The other problem with the T300 RS is the pedals that ship with the wheel. It comes with a basic two pedal set (no clutch) that leaves a lot to be desired. The easiest comparison is to the Logitech Driving Force GT pedals. They do the job, but are of mostly plastic construction and are very soft to press. There is no adjustability to make the brake pedal more stiff, so you’re left with a fairly unsatisfactory experience as far as the pedals go. Happily, if you’re playing on PC, you can use this wheel with any pedals you like, so I’d stick with the far superior Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals or ClubSport Pedals if you already own either of these. On the PlayStation though, you’re stuck with the basic two pedal set, unless you already own the old T500 RS pedals, or you fork out extra cash for the optional T3PA Pedals, which leads us nicely into the accessories on sale for this wheel.

T3PA Pedals Add-on


T3PA Add-on

Thrustmaster’s optional three pedal set retails for just under £100 and that feels like the right price. Compared to the soft and slightly cheap feeling pedals that come with the T300RS, these are a massive improvement. The brake pedal stiffness can be adjusted using the included ‘Conical Brake Mod’ which is easy to install. This adds a piece of thick rubber to the rear of the pedal, reducing its travel and increasing the force required to reach maximum braking. For the price, this is a good solution, but it’s a long way short of the load cell and potentiometer adjustments possible on Fanatec’s leading pedal sets. The T3PA Pedals also use a lot of plastic in their construction and therefore don’t feel as sturdy as Fanatec’s metal offerings. That said, they also sell for a much lower price, so some savings clearly had to be made in the materials.

You can also use the old Thrustmaster T500 RS pedals with the new T300 RS wheel, but these aren’t for sale separately unless you can find a used set on eBay. Therefore, the T3PA Pedals are really the only way for new Thrustmaster users to have a clutch pedal and a better braking experience on PlayStation. If you’re serious about sim-racing and you only play on console then you really should add these to your T300 RS. It’s worth it for the improved brake stiffness alone. If you’re on PC though, you can use Fanatec pedals with this wheel, so you may want to pay the extra £50 for a set of CSR Elites instead.

TH8A Shifter Add-on


TH8A Add-On Shifter

Putting it simply, this might be the coolest piece of sim-racing equipment you can buy. The TH8A Shifter is a masterpiece. If you can afford the price of this entirely optional extra, then don’t hesitate. This gated shifter is a fantastic piece of kit that feels more like shifting in a real car than any other I have used. The satisfaction of a perfectly timed gear change, or a series of smooth downshifts has never been replicated as well as this in sim-racing before.

The ergonomics are superb and it really looks and feels like the H-pattern shifters from classic sports cars that motoring journalists love to wax lyrical about. Combine this with the T3PA Pedals to use the clutch too and you’ll be having the ultimate sim-racing experience. It really is that good.

The only problem, and it’s a minor one, is that is takes too long to switch it into sequential mode. The process involves taking the shifter apart and putting it back together in a different configuration. You get the hang of it after a few goes at changing it, but there really ought to have been a more elegant solution. That said, if you have a bit of extra cash in your sim-racing budget, this is a must-have accessory.

The verdict

The T300 RS is the best force feedback wheel you can buy for the PlayStation 3 and the only one so far for the PlayStation 4. If you play all of your racing games on PS3 right now and are thinking about upgrading for DriveClub and Project CARS in October, then the T300 RS should definitely be on your shopping list.

Unfortunately the pedals will be an issue for hardcore sim-racers, so you will need to budget an extra £90 for the T3PA Pedals on top of the wheel’s £369.99 asking price to get the best experience. If you’re not sure whether the pedals will be an issue for you, I would still recommend buying the wheel. The bundled pedals still do a solid job and you can always upgrade to the T3PA Pedals later on if you’re looking for that extra bit of realism. Then there’s the extra rims like the Ferrari F1 Wheel and the incredible TH8A Shifter to add-on later too.

The T300 RS is a welcome addition to the market for high-end sim-racing wheels and it’s right up there with the best of them. You’d have to work very hard to find a better wheel.

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Joseph Barron

Freelance Writer. Racing games & F1 expert. You can find Joe's words on Citizen Game, GameSpot, PocketGamer and more.



    Thank you for the review and extra info was very helpful


    I haven’t really used a headset with it to be honest. It doesn’t have a place to plug one in, but you could use a separate USB or wireless headset for sure.


    Thanks ordering my set up this week does it have a place to plug in headset or do you run wireless


    The shifter will work in sequential mode with the 2 pedal set. For H-pattern mode, it depends on the game. Some games will force you to use a clutch if you want to use H-pattern mode, others will give you a choice.


    Can you us the shifter on the 300 with just the two pedal set it comes with or do you need the 3 petal set first on the ps4


    Hi Michael. I had the Fanatec version of the WheelStandPro and that already had the Thrustmaster holes in the plate.

    In your situation, I’d recommend that you find a diagram of the Thrustmaster mounting holes and compare it with the holes on your stand. Chances are that the DFGT stand was designed long before even the T500 came out, so it probably isn’t pre-drilled for Thrustmaster wheels.


    Hi Joe,
    I really enjoyed this piece and my decision is becoming easier and easier! You briefly mentioned its use on an old wheelstand pro – Can the wheel be hard-mounted to it using the existing holes or would I need to drill some new ones?

    I currently use a Logitech DFGT so this is the only doubt I have about buying a Thrustmaster


    You ‘ ll need CPX adapter from BasherBoard for that, but unfortunatly you’ll need to be very patient to get one.
    Prime quality product but made one at a time and demand is higher than production capacity those days with Sony/Thrustmater decisions to make profits and forcing need to change wheels for PS4, making obsolete all good reliable past products.
    Dont call it green companies !!!


    I don’t think so, Paul. You have to use Thrustmaster branded pedals with it on PS3/4.

    However, you can use other pedals with it on the PC.


    Is it possible to connect the CSR Elite pedals to the T300RS for use on the PS3/4?


    The T300RS is the better wheel, but the pedals it comes with are worse by far. The T3PA Pedals are very similar to the T500RS ones but not exactly the same.


    That’s not true. The T500 RS works on PS3 as well. So does the T80, but that one doesn’t have force feedback.


    I own a PS4 and I just want to know… which is flat out better..the T500RS or the T300RS??? I don’t care about the price and they are both compatible with the PS4.

    Also if I decide on the T300RS and do upgrade on the pedals are the T3PA pedals of the same quality as the T500RS Pedals??


    Dear Joe, if you buy PS you must buy T300Rs beacuse is the only one wheel supported by next gen, Thrusmaster knows that, that’s why the price is so high and include a ridicolous pedals. You exepect to get a good set of pedals for that price.


    Thrustmaster did something not serious including with T300RS a set of pedals like the one by default, we talk about a wheel that cost a lot of money and a good pedals set should be a must. 3 years ago I bought G27 with a very good pedals set and paid 259 euros. I think that 470 Eur to buy T300RS and T3PA is too much for the real value of the product. I am really thinking to buy a pc instead of PS4 and keep playing with my G27, even beacuse with pc I have the chance to play Assetto Corsa, Rfactor2 and many other racing games.


    Use those killer Fanatec Pedals with your T300RS ;)


    Joe Barron

    I honestly don’t have that much experience with the T500 RS. I’ve only used it a few times at events. I don’t have one at home.

    With that said, I still think that the T300 RS is a smoother experience. You can’t feel the mechanisms at all in the T300. The feedback is buttery smooth.

    The T500 will do just fine on PS4 though. If you already own one, you’ll still have a great time with it on PS4. If you’re buying a PS wheel for the first time though, go straight for the T300 RS.



    For you what is the best wheel, t500 os t300, the t500 is also compatible with the ps4.

    Joe Barron

    Hi Daniel. You’ll have to buy the T3PA Pedals to get a clutch on PS4, or find a set of used T500RS Pedals on eBay. You can’t mix and match different controller brands on PS4. Thrustmaster is your only option at the moment.

    On PC you can mix different brands however you like.


    Hello guys,

    for those who are interested – here you are the release date for T300 RS Wheel, T3PA pedals set and TH8A shifter I got from Thrustmaster support:

    “We would like to inform you that the official launch for the wheel was pushed up to the 1st of September for Europe and for North America the release will be somewhere around the middle of October.
    The T3PA Pedals Set stock will be renewed on the 13th of September. As for the TH8A shifter, it will be available starting with the beginning of September.”


    ….with a clutch pedal lol


    Hey man, great review :)

    You mention Fanatec pedal sets are a better option for use on a PC, but will the Fanatec pedal sets be compatible for use with PS4 also? i only have PS4, and plan on picking this wheel up, but really want some quality pedals…


    Thanks again for the reply, and as i tweeted to you earlier Thrustmaster did get back to me on my email that i had sent out them,
    Here was my query…..

    In regards to your wheel, the Thrustmaster T300RS, What other stores in the uk, be it online or otherwise can i purchase your fabulous wheel. Today is the 15th august 2014, This is the date that the wheel was supposed to be available, and as of yet i have found nowhere that has it please do help, thanks in advance SkyyJuice

    And here was the response from them….

    Dear Mr. Customer .,
    Regarding your T300 RS.

    We begin by thanking you for your interest in Thrustmaster products.
    We would like to inform you that the official launch for the wheel was pushed up to the 1st of September for Europe and for North America the release will be somewhere around the middle of October.
    In case you have other questions, please feel free to reply to this email.
    Thrustmaster Technical Support is at your disposal for any other information you may need. You can reach us online at the following addresses: for the latest updates and FAQs


    Hi skyyjuice.

    I believe that the price in British Pounds Sterling in the review is accurate. Thrustmaster appears to be keeping the price the same in each region, only changing the currency i.e. £369.99 in the UK, $369.99 in the US and €369.99 in Europe.

    I’m not sure what the situation is with availability of the wheel at retail just now. Many reviewers have now been sent samples with the final packaging, myself included, so it will probably be coming to stores very soon. There are reports on some sim-racing forums that it is already available in some territories, though it is yet to show up on Amazon in the UK.

    I’d advise just keeping an eye out on the websites for your local games retailers (Amazon, GAME, GameStop etc.) to get one as soon as they become available. There will definitely be plenty in stores before the release of DriveClub and Project CARS in October.


    Good morning my good sir, first of all would like to say that this seems like a very good review and has therefore made my decision to get this wheel even more concrete and Darin Gang I has also basicly said the same things as you have in this review. The Price… It seems a bit sketchy now is this price for the wheel in British sterling or Euros, as there is some confusion there with other sites. And one more thing which is pretty important really, The official date for release of the T300RS has now lasped (15th August) but I personally can’t find a blooming site or physical store that sells this wheel as of yet. Or will it now be released for us in October, when the drivers for the PS4 are coming out, Thanks again Joe, for a great review. SkyyJuice

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