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Gamecast 05/04/10

Posted April 5, 2010 by Jay Krieger in Podcast
Jay gives us his impressions of Red Dead Redemption. Lucky bastard!

On the Mic: Jay & Danny
Runtime: 28:12
Content: Danny and Jay chat about PAX East…. right after Danny talks on his own for a while.
What Games?: Crackdown 2, Red Dead Redemption, Splinter Cell Conviction and 3D GLASSES!
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Jay gives us his impressions of Red Dead Redemption. Lucky bastard!





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Jay Krieger

Student by day ,freelance writer by night, I go where the games go.



    Yes, edit button should be fixed in the next week :)


    Forgot to add the word ‘ means ‘

    What?! no edit button? guess ill have to look carefully before submitting next time


    Here in Cyprus people don’t even know what the Word “convention” (not because English is not the nation language either)

    Great podcast as usual


    pulled from

    Final Attendance for PAX East 2010: 52,900


    Your feedback is being considered guys. All points I’m going to have a think about.


    Finally got around to listening to the cast. Jay was great, hope to hear more from him. Really want to go to PAX, maybe next year…


    Not sure how I feel with how the podcast is going; but I approve of Jay. His laugh not so much:P


    Bit gutting actually, and hard to get this straight, but what I make of it is, on average we will receive 1/3 less podcast because now there will be a short show ever other week, and in an effort to make the podcast more ‘original’ you are removing the ‘shovelware parade’, which seemed to me the only truly unique feature you used to have. Oh well, I will listen to the next couple of podcasts hovering over the ‘unsubscribe’ button. safe in the knowledge that there are many other decent games podcasts out there.


    Great to hear another new voice. Good job Jay!

  10. Mark Craven

    Great to get Jason on the podcast.


    Please forgive my disgusting laugh.

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