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Gamecast 14/12/09

Posted December 14, 2009 by Danny O'Dwyer in Podcast
Robbie Williams

On the Mic: Tamoor, Denis & Danny
Runtime: 47:23
Content: Danny, Tamoor and Denis talk about games of christmas past, Chuck Norris, Robbie Williams, the Spike Game Awards, footy games and much more!
What Games?: Robbie Williams Racing, Chuck Noris on iPhone, AssCreed 2, Mass Effect, football games and more.
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Robbie Williams

Yes we do talk about Robbie Williams Racing. Deal with it!

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Danny O'Dwyer




    I laughed on so many things listening to this. As always of this podcast. :)


    Spike Awards are a shame.


    Thanks for keeping me entertained while I worked on a very boring essay this morning!

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