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Got Bugs?

Posted October 29, 2010 by Danny O'Dwyer in Editorial
Oh hello sir, your fail-mountain has arrived.

The Citizen Soapbox is an area where we throw out topics to the users of Citizen Game. When we record a podcast we take the soapbox comments and use them in our own discussions. We think it’s a great way of involving you guys in our stupid arguments!

The Setup:
Fallout: New Vegas has reminded us all of the problem with badly written code. Bugs are far less frequent than they used to be, but just as memorable.

The Questions:
Tell us about your most memorable game bugs. Old games, new games, funny bugs, annoying bugs, we don’t care!

Oh hello sir, your fail-mountain has arrived.

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Danny O'Dwyer



    Risen: walk up the stairs and warp onto the roof, took me 6 tries to climb those stairs normally XD



    It’s not nearly as bug-riddled as some folks claim. I get the occasional CTD, and encounter a serious bug like the one I described every couple of hours or so.

    Nothing game breaking, but man, you have to wonder how some of them got through QA.

  3. Mark Craven

    Is Fallout: New Vegas nothing but one long bug riddled fetch quest?


    Ran into a ridiculous New Vegas one today. No serious spoilers, so calm down.

    I’d just come out of Lucky 38 when a woman in a labcoat ran up to me and asked if I’d reconsidered her group’s proposal to plant a bug inside Lucky 38.

    I’d never seen her before, nor had contact with her group, nor had any such quest currently active.

    Silly Obsidian.

  5. Mark Craven

    one of my favourite glitches/ bugs was in an early ps2 PES game.

    I can’t remember the exact circumstances around how to trigger the glitch but it had something to do with tackling. Anyway you could tackle a player to a point where he would gradually sink into the pitch leaving only his head and shoulders exposed.

    The player would still be able to run around just all you would see would be his tiny little head.


    madison paige naked, what a glitch!


    in red dead redemption, if you use dead eye on a bird with dynomite, the dynomite will act as a homing device, even worse in heavy rain, sometimes during the sword fighting at the start you can trigger the arquetecture scene.


    I’ve been in loads of situations with bodies stuck in walls, especailly in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (1) in Old school mode. Not any interesting ones though.

    I’ve never come across it but there is of course the infamous Cougar Man bug in Red Dead Redemption.


    There was a bug in Sonic 1 & 2 for the Mega Drive where Sonic would randomly get stuck to the environment and the only fix was to reset the game. Sega tried to pretend this was intentional and even included a note in the manual describing the bug as a fiendish trap set by Dr Robotnik. But we all new better!

    Also, ladder goat.

    And donkey lady.


    The scariest one I’ve ever run into was in The Witcher. It was during a cutscene where several characters where having a drinking session. As the camera angle switched during the scene suddenly the graphics renderer freaked out completely. The heads on all the characters morphed into clusters of horribly spiky protrusions. The game didn’t crash, so the scene carried on as normal with these spiky clusters bobbing and changing with the jocular dialogue.

    I had a nightmare about it.


    there was one in GTA…. some number… where you reversed into a pole in a playground and the car shot across the map like a fudging rocket


    If the thumbnail has confused you, check this out:

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