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Eyjafjallajokull Games

Posted April 20, 2010 by Danny O'Dwyer in Editorial
World of Warcraft's upcoming "Cataclysm" expansion knew it was coming.
The Citizen Soapbox is an area where we throw out topics to the users of Citizen Game. When we record the podcast on Sunday night we take the previous week’s Soapbox answers and use them in our own discussions. We think it’s a great way of involving you guys  in our stupid arguments!

The Setup:
Eyjafjallajokull: a word, if you can pronounce it,  now synonomous with smoke plooms and air traffic distuptions. In fact Iceland’s angry volcano is probably going to be in the public eye for longer than we all expected. In an attempt to shoehorn the most topical story of the week into somthing to do with gaming, we want you to tell us what type of game you would like to see set on Eyjafjallajokullullululloooma……

The Questions
What type of game genre you would like to see set on an Icelandic volcano?
Be creative, give us details, characters, game modes, the lot. You can do it Citizens!

World of Warcraft's upcoming "Cataclysm" expansion knew it was coming.

World of Warcraft’s upcoming “Cataclysm” expansion knew what was coming.

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Danny O'Dwyer



    The main protagonist’s name is Steve O; and was a forklift driver. But one day he say the volcano blow up, and he knew what he had to do. He drove his forklift up the mountain and reached the peak of the Volcano. He realized that if he took a block of ice, and put it into the volcano each hour: it would stop erupting.
    But getting up the volcano is a treacherous task; as you have to avoid pools of lava, giant boulders, bears, and worst of all: the crazy hobo who lives in cave with a stick.
    There is also an online portion where you and one other player can play the single player campaign, but now with one extra forklift, doubling the fun.
    In stores now.


    And old school evil god game, The volcano exploding is your birth, and the tutorial level for the game. You msut first conquer Iceland, europe and then the rest of the world with your legions of minions. Be they creatures fashioned from your dark energies (Lava monsters!?) or just hired good. Wreak havok in cities, burn down houses, eat children and establish a large evil empire!


    Since when was my name RodgeRodge?! Oh well.
    I would say the best thing is to recreate a famous level from Modern Warfare 2 called ‘No Russian (Because everybody is stuck abroad thanks to volcanic ash)’. It would solve all the controversy problems, because instead of going through the airport mowing down innocents with your M240, the place would be completely deserted!


    PyroJim: NO! BOLD JIM!
    I’d probably hop back in for a little wander if summer wasn’t coming 😛


    oh yeah… cataclysm… think i want to play wow again…


    the game that would rule on a volcano would have to be battlefield bad company 2.the story mode is already to much like indiana jones they might aswell have some volcano tomb treasure hunt against the russians, with some dire consequences on the loser.


    The floor is lava. I touch it, I die.


    A counter-strike jump map, up the volcano.



    Actually, I’d like to see a high-risk resource gathering game mixed with a city builder.
    I actually don’t even know what that means…that is all.


    ZOMG! Satire!

    The obvious game to have would be a crazy stunt-based flight-sim similar to Sky Odyssey on PS2 ( Lots of flying through floating rings, lots of cheesy orchestral music and lots of infuriating levels where your vision is obscured by the ash cloud. Oh and probably an insane final level where you fly into the volcano to land on a runway in the centre of the Earth or something. You can’t make this kind of game without embracing the crazy!


    I’d start with football game, but Chris Kamara’s street soccer had a volcano level 😛

    How about an Ice-hockey game, where the ice melts over the course of the match and by the 3rd period everybody is basically waist-deep in water. I’d play it.

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