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Game Night
We live in the future. This screenshot is proof!

Gran Turismo 5

After a short hiatus the Game Night is back. Get to the Grid! As we're revving up the in Gran Turismo 5 engine


CG GP Round 2

It's Round 2 of the Citizen Game Grand Prix! Where they all go even faster! (Or something.)


Citizen Game Grand Prix

Fancy driving stupidly fast around a track with fellow petrolheads? The CG Grand Prix is for you.

FORMULA ONE F1 2010.php

F1 2010

Get to the grid! This Sunday we're getting together to play some F1 2010 - right after the final race of this year's season.


Halo Reach

Hey a new Halo game came out, so you know what that means; It's time for another Citizen Game Night!


Join Us For More L4D2

After the success of last week's game night we're doing another Left4Dead 2 themed match up. Join us!


Left 4 Dead 2 Game Night Highlights

Six minutes of some the best (and worst) moments from last night's epic Left 4 Dead 2 Citizen Game Night.

Saddle Up Citizens

Red Dead Redemption

Yee-haw and all that! We're mounting our horses for this Saturday to shoot Red Dead chunks out of each. Join us!

Stick together citizens!

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

It's time to squad up Citizens! This time on the Xbox 360 version of DICE's return to first person warfare.


Modern Warfare 2

Video highlights of this Thursday's Modern Warfare 2 game night. 200 minutes of death crammed into under 8!

KILLIN' DUDES WITH RIOT Shields yeaaaya!

Modern Warfare 2

Get learnin' how to play Call of Duty again folks! Citizen Gamenight's are back with a bang this Thursday.