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Citizengame - alien isolation

The fall of the survival horror genre: why aren’t we scared?

why are so many big budget video games lacking the main elements that make horror, well, horror?

Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision

Gran Turismo 6 – Top 10 racing cars

Resident Citizen Game petrol head Joseph Barron breaks down his top 10 racing cars in Gran Turismo 6.

mario-kart - Citizen Game

You Don’t Have To Worry About Nintendo’s Future…They’re Not!

Should you care that they are under-preforming and hemorrhaging money?

Supermarine T-224

World of Warplanes – Free Supermarine T-224 – Give away

We’ve an exciting opportunity for you to get behind the controls of the Supermarine Type 224 in World of Warplanes.

Battlefield 4 a - Citizengame

The Best (and worst) of 2013 – Richard Plant

Welcome to indie hipster blowhard special!

Aliens CM - Citizen Game

The best (and worst) of 2013 – Mark Craven

There are only three certainties in life – death, taxes and Mark will have football manager on a best loved list.


The Best (and worst) of 2013 – Nick Lynch

Nick's list is all about the big blockbuster releases of 2013, did they all live up to the hype?

Citizen Game - BioShock Infinite

The Best (and Worst) of 2013 – James Day

Strategy, RPGs and glorious silliness make up James' favourites list. Will his biggest let down prove to be a (Bio)shock..?

GT6 3

Gran Turismo 6 preview

Gran Turismo 6 will release later this year, but the first public demo is available now and we’ve put in plenty of laps to find out what has changed since GT5.

Daft Punk - Citizen Game

What we want this week – 6th May

Here is a nice concise collection of things we think you’ll want to spend your hard earned Pounds/ Euros/ Dollars and Króna on this week.

citizen game - Angry Birds Star Wars

Will Video Games Ever Be Acceptable?

Even though video gaming has come on leaps and bounds in terms of its poor image, there is still a long way to travel.

Citizen game - capcom-arcade-cabinet

From Perky To Pitiless

The Changing Face Of Video Game Protagonists

Citizengame - DmC

With The Many Reboots And Sequels, Where Are The Fresh Ideas?

If it ain’t broke, don't fix it?

Citizen Game - Custer’s Revenge

As The Gaming Industry Continues To Evolve Are Video Games No Longer For Kids?

Blood, guts, gore, and breasts. Adult themes that draw attention of children.

Citizengame - Dead Rising Crowd

Standing Out From The Crowd: Why Console Manufacturers Must Differentiate To Survive

Does The Choice Of Multiple Consoles Benefit The Gamer?