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So I want to be a “real” games journalist.

The idea of penetrating the industry is an exciting yet simultaneously terrifying prospect to me.

Citizen Game sony-playstation-4-20th

PlayStation 4 20th anniversary edition only £19.94p. One day only.

You can now buy Sony's 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 system in the UK at an unbelievable price.

Citizen Game - Happy 20th Birthday playstation  - EA

PlayStation Experience – EA Offering free games

Free is free. Download now. Or pay later. Choice is all yours.

skyward sword sucks thumb

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

With Hyrule Warriors almost upon us, we look back at the last home console Zelda and discuss why it's probably the weakest entry in the whole series.

legend of zelda gamecube wii

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

We resume our Zeldathon by looking at the 'least-good' entries in the series.

Citizen Game - Swansea City - nathan dyer

Citizen Game Fantasy Football League 2014/15

Have you got what it takes to win our FREE fantasy football game based on the 2014/2015 Premier League?

ganondorf wind waker zelda

Why Wind Waker’s Ganondorf Is The Greatest Nintendo Character

James explains why the cel-shaded Zelda villain is the Big N's most three-dimensional personality... and how Skyward Sword ruined him.


Star Trekkin’ with Citizen Game

Here's all of our Star Trek content in one handy post.

Super NES SNES enix quintet yuzo koshiro

MS: ActRaiser

Take Castlevania, John Williams, the composer of Streets of Rage and sprinkle in a little bit of plagiarism.

smash bros melee thumb

MS: Super Smash Bros Melee

James explains how this sweeping, franchise-crossing soundtrack awakened him to the power of video game music.

castle story thumb

Castle Story: Early Access Report

James reviews the current build of the base-building strategy game. Is it worth buying now or waiting for future releases?

Citizengame - alien isolation

The fall of the survival horror genre: why aren’t we scared?

why are so many big budget video games lacking the main elements that make horror, well, horror?


Facebook acquires Oculus VR for $2 BILLION

Farmville in 3D? Yeah, I'd be worried too...

strawberry flower japan nintendo

MS: The Pikmin Singles – Strawberry Flower

Did you know that a band of Pikmin had a string of chart hits? In Japan, naturally.

pokemon gold silver thumb

BFTP: Pokémon Gold/Silver

Often regarded as one of the greatest video game sequels, does it still hold up fifteen years and one remake later?