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smash bros melee thumb

MS: Super Smash Bros Melee

James explains how this sweeping, franchise-crossing soundtrack awakened him to the power of video game music.

castle story thumb

Castle Story: Early Access Report

James reviews the current build of the base-building strategy game. Is it worth buying now or waiting for future releases?

Citizengame - alien isolation

The fall of the survival horror genre: why aren’t we scared?

why are so many big budget video games lacking the main elements that make horror, well, horror?


Facebook acquires Oculus VR for $2 BILLION

Farmville in 3D? Yeah, I'd be worried too...

strawberry flower japan nintendo

MS: The Pikmin Singles – Strawberry Flower

Did you know that a band of Pikmin had a string of chart hits? In Japan, naturally.

pokemon gold silver thumb

BFTP: Pokémon Gold/Silver

Often regarded as one of the greatest video game sequels, does it still hold up fifteen years and one remake later?


Gamer Hits One Million Gamerscore

It's only taken him 8 years of solid graft, but Stallion83 has finally done it.

pokemon classic thumb

MS: Pokémon Red/Blue/Green

Twitch Plays Pokémon reminds us that the Game Boy original had, among other things, a brilliant and iconic soundtrack.


So What’s Coming Out for the Wii U? 2014 Edition

After an improved second half to 2013, how's the line-up of games for Nintendo's under-performing console looking for the year ahead?

video games live

Video Games Live! finally returns to the UK

After a six year absence the awesome game music concert tour will play London and Manchester this November.

C&C command and conquer

MS: Command & Conquer

Revisiting the original C&C is like opening up a time capsule from the mid-90s, partly due to its unforgettable soundtrack.

Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision

Gran Turismo 6 – Top 10 racing cars

Resident Citizen Game petrol head Joseph Barron breaks down his top 10 racing cars in Gran Turismo 6.

mario-kart - Citizen Game

You Don’t Have To Worry About Nintendo’s Future…They’re Not!

Should you care that they are under-preforming and hemorrhaging money?

CartSim - Citizen Game 2

Freebie Friday – Driving Range Golf Ball Picker Upper Cart Simulator 2013

Learn a valuable lesson in this simulation of a job nobody wants to do

Supermarine T-224

World of Warplanes – Free Supermarine T-224 – Give away

We’ve an exciting opportunity for you to get behind the controls of the Supermarine Type 224 in World of Warplanes.